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Welcome to the DIGIWIN website!

DIGIWIN is a research project on digital hydraulic winch drives. The project is formed in close cooperation between three industrial partners and the University of Agder. The project aims to improve operational performance and energy efficiency of hydraulic winch drives by using digital hydraulic motors.


The project partners have found that improvements in the area of hydraulic winch drives have been less prioritized for a number of years, while other drive technologies have been offered much attention and resources. Accordingly, the partners expect to catch some low hanging fruits and thereby challenge the traditional perception of hydraulics as being inefficient and old fashioned.

DIGIWIN is co-funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Check in from time to time to see what is new. In case of questions feel free to contact us!

MacGregor AHC winch

HMB5 digital motor

Test winch design

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