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‚ÄčAn important part of the DIGIWIN project is to verify the digital winch drive solution in real life. Test equipment is established at the Mechatronic Innovation Lab at UiA premises in Grimstad. The test setup includes a 25mT winch with 6 digital hydraulic motors and two electrical drives for additional loading.

The digital motors are controlled by the embedded electronics and communicate with each other and the plant controller through industrial ethernet connections. .

Testing commenced during the summerperiod 2019 with installation and setup, and lifting started early november. See the pictures and watch the video with a 3mT load. Check in from time to time. We'll add more videos as testing progresses and results are improved.

The first AHC simulation all controlled by digital motors

Test winch with three digital hydraulic motors and one e-motor with gearbox on each side (gearbox is inside drum) .

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics 5 cylinder digital pilot motor

Diinef valve block for one cylinder

Accumulators for storage of lowering energy