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MIL and DIGIWIN establish Winch Lab

MacGregor Norway and Mechatronic Innovation Lab, MIL, has agreed to cooperate on establishing test equipment for winch drives in MIL’s facilities in Grimstad, Norway.

MacGregor delivers a 50t winch and a lifting tower with 25t load and 8m lifting height.

The winch has mounting options for 8 winch drive motors. In addition it is equipped with two programmable electrical drives to provide additional load and disturbances equivalent to 25t load.

The 25t load is modular and configurable from 1t to 25t.

The winch drive is supplied by MIL’s central power supply offering 1 MW hydraulic power and 1,3MW electrical power.

For DIGIWIN testing the winch will be equipped with 6 digital HMB5 motors from Imenco Bauer Hydraulics equipped with Diinef digital valve system.

The setup enables realistic testing of AHC functionality as well as putting down loads on a moving shipdeck.

One picture below shows the test winch equipped with 6 digital motors and two electrical load drives, the other picture shows MIL's 1 MW programmable HPU.

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